Bridging investors, industries and consumers across borders.

INVESTDIALOG is a multipolar organization, headquartered in Geneva.
We provide consulting services as well as trade and services platforms to ease international exchanges
Nordic Gardens :
Promoting sustainable agriculture in Eurasia with the objective to promote rural development through the combination of farming, agroforestry and local processing of natural resources.
Development of cross border regional value chains in the biomaterials and bioenergies space.
Supporting educational programs related to agriculture and natural areas protection.
Eurasia to World :
Supporting Chinese and Eurasian industries and investors to achieve their international development :
  • Cross border Legal and advisory services
  • Organizing visits & deals intermediation
  • Co-investment in industrial projects
  • Assistance to business and sales development in Europe, Central Asia, Latin America.

Eurasian-Arabic Science & Education cooperation platform
A platform to ease scientific cooperation between universities and industries to develop innovative technologies and promote high level education :
  • International Schooling programs including Swiss PhD
  • Joint research programs in both business and sciences
  • High focus on Sustainability standards, Biochemistry, Material science, Agriculture and Biomaterials.
Global Sustainability Program :
Backing Eurasian and Chinese industries for the implementation of a premium sustainability strategy with the objective to establish sound practices along global value chains

Sustainability management training in link with top Swiss universities and business schools